Attorneys-at-law Ana Trošelj and Sandra Zorc provide legal assistance in all fields of law:

• legal representation before the Croatian courts (commercial court, municipal court, High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia, county courts, Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia)


• representation in criminal proceedings


• counselling related to legal affairs of companies (limited liability company, joint stock company)
• preparing and filing actions concerning commercial relationships and other submissions in the field of commercial law
• providing ordinary and extraordinary legal remedies in court proceedings
• other legal actions in the field of commercial law
• drafting all types of contracts and agreements
• preparing and drafting documents needed for company formation and for changes in companies
• formation of companies, subsidiaries, mergers, consolidations and divisions
• acquisition of business shares in a company
• restructuring of companies
• counselling related to ownership/management rights in a company
• counselling related to voluntary liquidation of a company
• representation in disputes falling under the commercial courts’ jurisdiction


• providing advice in regard to clients’ rights and legal regulations


• preparing and filing submissions for the division of joint property or matrimonial acquisitions
• preparing and filing papers for the dissolution of joint real property
• initiating proceedings for the return of seized property
• representation in trespass proceedings
• legal assistance and representation in establishing servitude of passage
• legal assistance and representation in establishing road servitude
• legal assistance and representation in establishing the rights of usufruct
• representation in proceedings for determining boundaries of neighbouring plots
• other legal actions in the field of civil law and non-contentious proceedings

Family law

• counselling for and prevention of marital disputes
• drafting marital contracts
• drafting contracts/agreements for the division of matrimonial acquisitions
• representation in marital disputes/maintenance disputes
• representation in status disputes in the field of family law
• preparing and filing actions and representation in disputes of martial and non-marital unions

Law of inheritance and inheritance proceedings

• drafting testaments
• drafting life-maintenance contracts
• drafting life-care contracts
• drafting contracts of donation
• representation in civil proceedings concerning the annulment of the above contracts
• representation in inheritance proceedings

Land registry law and legal relationships concerning real estate

• drafting sales contracts in formation and real estate sales contracts
• drafting projecting contracts
• drafting building contracts
• preparing and filing papers for condominium conversion
• convergence of land-registry and cadastral real estate status
• judicial establishing of the right to ownership
• handling land registration correction procedures
• drafting land registry proposals
• registration of the ownership right into the land registry
• other legal actions in the field of land registry law and legal relationships concerning real estate

Employment law

• drafting employment contracts
• drafting services contracts
• drafting management contracts
• obtaining work and business permits for foreigners
• obtaining temporary and permanent residence

Enforcement and insolvency law

• drafting notices of debt payment
• drafting proposals for writs of execution
• drafting objections to writs of execution
• drafting proposals for issuing interim and preliminary injunctions
• representation in enforcement proceedings and participation in enforcement
• providing legal remedies in enforcement proceedings
• drafting proposals for opening insolvency proceedings
• drafting of claims notification in insolvency proceedings
• representation in hearings for claims and divisions
• providing legal remedies


• counselling
• preparing and drafting damages claims
• representation in court proceedings, filling actions


• administrative proceedings
• representation in proceedings for the return of the property
• representation before tax authorities
• representation in issuing location and building permits
• filing actions in administrative proceedings and administrative disputes


• filing constitutional lawsuits
• filing motions for judicial review